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Brand Identity.

There is a lot of confusion over what a Brand and Brand Identity are. A Brand is the way that people feel or perceive your company or product and your passion. All businesses strive for a good brand, but it does take time to build and is linked to customers loyalty. However Brand Identity we can influence this with well prepared Branding & Logo Design.

Brand identity is defined as the visible elements of a brand, such as colour, design and logo. This identifies and distinguishes the brand in consumers’ minds.

We work with our customers to develop a positive, cohesive brand image. This is done by analysing our customers, their competition and by determining our customers goals and the business message they wish deliver.

With the growth of Social Media, we work with our customers to ensure this is a key focus as this is a powerful driver of brand awareness

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Logo Design.

History says that the most important thing for any business is a great logo. This is only partly true, in fact it’s only a small part of the complete Brand Identity. If you want to know more about our Logo Design then read on.

GN Tech International GN Tech International GN Tech International Logo Design

Essentially, a logo is the mark that you put on things that represent you and your business.

With every mock-up, prototype, and design concept, we’ll get your feedback so that you stay at the heart of the design process. We find that a collaborative approach is the most effective way to deliver success.

We work with the latest Adobe software packages to ensure your designs are fit for all purposes.

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